Rafael Cennamo Spring 2013




Preparing you for the GOLD/COLD Front in Florida by Redefining your Style while GOD's Refines your Life  

Refine-To free from coarse (hard), unsuitable, or immoral characteristics  

Define– to explain or identify the nature or essential qualities of

  Faith: Refined, Recovered, Recreated to Reign….  

 During my study, I noticed a trend. When GOD spoke of changing a person, he use the word: refine. So I looked up the definition of the word and it confirmed my February word; free/freedom.  A HUGE smile flashed across my face! He simply whispered to me, "I want to refine you to free you of potentially addictive habits"…so, I surrendered because I remembered if the son sets me free, then i'm forever free (John 8:36).  

But free from what? What does GOD free us from? Freedom from our past of last year, last week, or even the last two minutes……..its immediate immunity. Its freedom from our strongholds (addictions, habit forming behaviors), freedom from hindering mindsets (perverse thinking) and freedom  from fears (doubt, lack, failures, apprehensions)…now that's the "good news". But there is a but…its a processing/re-defining of you, similiar to gold.  

 1 Peter 1:7  reads: 7 That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.  

Sidenote: Christians in the covenant will quote (or misquotes) this scripture saying "you're tried in the fire but you'll come out as pure gold." Actually, that scripture means though your faith is tried with fire, you will come out more valuable than gold. So much so that you will be praise worthy, glorious and honorable when Jesus returns. #accuracy #vital #excitingpromise  

Continuing, I found more analogies of Christians being refined. Proverbs 17:3 showed how GOD re-defines us. The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the LORD trieth the hearts. The heart is the essence/nature of a person.   These previously mentioned scriptures compared refining of us to gold. The making of gold goes through MANY stages to produce what we see as the shiny, spotless, attractive mineral. It is recovered, melted, beaten, burned, purged & mixed. Then there are no more impurities, blemishes or imperfections to be found.    

*GOD's refining is the same. He removes/free us from the memories of ourselves (recovered), lusts of the heart (purged), scabs, scars or marks (beaten) from your mistakes to make us shiny (glorious), spotless (blameless) and attractive (to draw in the unbeliever). This creates the new golden person…#grateful

Refinement shows God's love for us by NOT leaving us the same….time to live life like its golden today. (thanks Jill Scott!!!!)    

Fashion: RE-defining with Refinement & GOLD  

Define yourself  as a more elegant, polished, refined fashionista this spring with a gush of gold. This will amp up your yielding yellows, basic or bold blacks & your feminine florals. Remember: style isnt just about trends….its your confidence & creativity worn on your sleeve….so make sure its a polished more projected you. 

To achieve this "refined" look, concentrate on clean, crisp, creative & tailored threads. This look mixed wit a touch of gold will give you that trendishly polished/updated but shiny look everyday (which every lady loves). So, take those tailored threads, add that hint of GOLD like these ladies below to both re-define your everyday chic creations. Guuci's gold    

Freebie: A Diva RE-defned

MAN, what a month!!! Freedom February purged me of some things but it was different from any other changes I've experienced. It freed me from a coarse scar I had in my heart that I didnt know existed…but GOD did. Like many of you, I watched Mary Mary's recent episode & the Beyonce documentary and found a common trend there…. broken daddy daugther's  relationships that were strangely similar to my own. See, I built alot of walls as a result of my dad's temporary absence. To my surprise, I thought I had burned them  because I'd gotten married, love my husband and we were doing great!! But I still had a undetected void….

 The learned vulnerability from a dad's relationship wasn't there. I'd see little girls with their dads & think "I missed out on that type of love" but I had a dream (like Martin Luther King, lol…just kidding). In the dream, GOD was my father at a father/daughter dance, he rode silently with me to the dance & was invisible to everyone in attendance but me. Well,  when we left, he manifested into my husband and I took him through my childhood (like I did in real life)….then I woke up.   

I told my husband about it & he interpreted it for me saying " GOD was silent/invisible to others at the dance but  you knew he was there. He was your consistent, present, PERFECT father who still fathers you but its time for you to  be completely VULNERABLE to me, embrace this refinement and re-define your rules of engagement." And thats whats happening…everything in me has changed, my surrounding are different and I have a clean slate. So I'll walk out my new rules of engagement like a gladiator soldier and maybe in the Tom Ford's Gadiators below (wink).