lucius-gantt_web.jpgWhen a marriage or relationship ends, men and men oftentimes do two different things.

Many men will go straight to the liquor store, or some other place, and get them an intoxicant and a lot of women will run to the church.

I know you don’t like for me to say this but it’s true. The men are doing something more Christian or Christ-like than the women are.

Can I prove it? Yes!

The men like to party, so to speak, when times get difficult. They will pop some wine bottles, call some of the boys and drink the night away and, for a moment, at least, they will forget about the women that don’t want to be with them.

The church women love grape juice and soda crackers but the men, just like Jesus, have no problem taking a swallow or two of good wine. If you don’t know, Christ’s first miracle was turning water to wine at a wedding party.

And, at the Last Supper, wine was passed around to everybody in attendance. The devilish biblical haters were after Jesus and Christ chose to hang out with his boys and have a drink.

Unlike the women of today, Christ didn’t run to a church because he knew most of the churches in biblical days were just like some churches are today, dens of idol worshipers, houses of hypocrites and temples of thieves.

Am I being too harsh? Perhaps I am. But too many people in today’s churches praise the preacher instead of praising God. They want to please the deacons, stewards, mothers and stewardesses more than they want to please The Lord and much more than they wanted to please their man.

No disrespect intended and I’m fully aware that there are good people everywhere. They are hard to locate but there are some good people in the church. But, in the biblical days, when Jesus went looking for his disciples and other righteous followers, he didn’t look for them in the usual houses of worship; he found his most ardent followers in the streets. They were fishermen, carpenters, hustlers and ordinary people.

The lying men and women you meet in bible study are not much different than the lying baby daddies and baby mamas you meet in the club or on the street corner.

No, running to the church doesn’t impress me. If you want to run somewhere, run to the truth. I encourage you to run to justice, run to peace, run to equality, run to fairness, run to compassion, run to respect, run to faithfulness, run to loyalty, run to honesty.

If you want God’s blessings, you should do what God wants you to do: Stand up like Jesus did. Speak out like Jesus did. Feed the hungry like Jesus did. Help the sick and downtrodden like Jesus did. Don’t just sit around with a cardboard fan 10 or 20 times a year and say “Amen.”

I’m not going to criticize anybody for being a church usher or singing in the choir. But I am going to criticize people who run to the church and run away from the truth.

Christ threw the money changers, also known as beast bankers, out of the temple but when church money is embezzled or mismanaged, the women of the church don’t say a mumbling word.

Yeah, the brothers have it more right than not. The guys shouldn’t get sloppy drunk and try to drive home but it’s OK to get a little buzz before or after your woman leaves you or someone nails you to the figurative cross.

Ladies, you can go to church to fellowship or praise but instead of running to degenerate deacons or the pathetic preachers and claiming you should be honored for doing something good or that going to church in itself now makes you a "good woman," you should be running to God and running to do God’s will.

Or you can always join the boys for a taste of wine.

When times get hard or relationships end, don't get drunk or look for help from false prophets. What you should do is look at yourself and look to God.

Lucius Gantt is a consultant, commentator and author of Beast Too: Dead Man Writing. He may be contacted through