pills_web.jpgBOYNTON BEACH/DELRAY BEACH — Genesis Community Health, Inc. is encouraging family members to practice proactive health care during the “Take a Loved One to the Doctor” week of Sept. 16.

Genesis, a community health care clinic with offices in Boynton Beach and Delray Beach, will offer free services each day of the week for those who are first-time clients, brought to either clinic location by a loved one or friend.

Genesis CEO DeAnna Warren said the clinics also will address major health problems day of that week by offering free consultations, screenings and lab work to visitors:

Monday, Sept. 16 – Pap Smears/Women’s Health Day I.
Tuesday, Sept. 17 – Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome Panel (lab work).
Wednesday, Sept. 18 – Pap Smears/Women’s Health Day II.
Thursday, Sept. 19 – HIV rapid testing.
Friday, Sept. 20 – Colon cancer screening (fecal occult blood test).

The national initiative, “Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day,” is celebrated annually on the third Tuesday in September.

It is recognized with special attention being paid to neglected symptoms, conditions and/or medical treatment, especially among older individuals.

“The day was created because typically there is one family member who needs care and requires another member to help them take action,” Warren said. “We want to give residents a whole week to take action. Sometimes, the smallest gesture, such as taking a blood pressure or adjusting a prescription, can save a life.”

During September, the Florida Department of Health’s Office of Minority Health is supporting a statewide campaign of “Take a Loved One to the Doctor Month.”

The 2013 Take A Loved One to the Doctor Month theme is Health by Choice, Not by Chance: Working Together For a Healthy Community.

Genesis, a Florida 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to promote and provide health care to people of all economic levels, with special sensitivity to the needs of economically disadvantaged people of diverse cultural backgrounds in and around Palm Beach County, is located at 564 E. Woolbright Rd. in Boynton Beach, and in Delray Beach within the South County Mental Center (SCMHC),16158 S. Military Tr.

Genesis is financed through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Quantum Foundation and the Palm Healthcare Foundation.

For other information call 561-735-6553 or visit gencomhealth.org