paul-deanno_web.jpgLetter to readers from NBC6:

We hear a lot about the predictions for Hurricane Season.  Just this week a prominent hurricane researcher called for at least 15 named storms, with four of those packing winds of at least 110 mph. 

But I urge you not to get caught up in all of those numbers. The only number you need to remember is ONE.  All it takes is one storm to make it a bad season.  If that one storm doesn't come, we can safely call it a good summer.

Back in 1992, only four hurricanes formed in the Atlantic — the fewest in a quarter-century.  Great news, right?  Not exactly.  One of those hurricanes, Andrew, struck South Florida directly, becoming one of America's biggest natural disasters ever.  We need to prepare ourselves, our families, and our homes for that ONE storm that may – or may not – come.

So what does “preparation’’ mean?  Well, it could be something as big as replacing an old roof, or something as small as buying canned chicken.  It all counts!  Try to have your home and your property as hurricane proof as possible. Trim your hedges, clean and inspect your shutters, and keep important papers in an elevated location. Think of what your family eats and drinks in a day.  Now triple that. You should have enough food and medication for your family and pets for at least three days. Also, have a family evacuation plan ready in case you need to leave town quickly.

For a more comprehensive list of the things you need to be “Hurricane Ready,’’ just head to our website, We here at NBC6, along with our news partners at the South Florida Times, will keep you informed and prepared all summer long.  Make it a great day!
Paul Deanno is the chief meteorologist at NBC6.