Faith: Thee Gracious Gentleman

 You know the famous religious saying that "GOD chases who he loves"? That is correct but incomplete if its not biblically expounded upon. GOD does love us, desire us, crave our time beyond our own understanding and chasing us is the result but……he' s such  a gentleman in his approach! I just love him for that!!…I love how he NEVER forces himself (or his way of life, his prosperity, his peace, etc) on us which is rare. In this hyper aggressive, domineeringly direct and blunt world of persuasion and pursuit, GOD still speaks sweetly. This wonderful provider and lover of our soul (the gentleman) seeks our attention every second of every minute of ever hour of ever day! And he is so gentle, so patient, smooth and sincere with it. Who wouldn't be in love with a man like that??


See how much of a gentleman he really is! 
Initially (in the old testament), GOD spoke to us from heaven. When he saw we were being destroyed and needed more of/from him, he pursued us further. He came down to be with us. He manifested himself as Jesus the Christ to model to us our true identity, our dominion/dominance, influence and impact. AND when we couldnt appreciate such a wonderful human helper and jealously crucified him for being perfect, he decided to come a little closer in his courting of us….he moved inside of us, GET THAT!!!  He went from talking to us from heaven, to living with us on earth to living INSIDE of each believer ALL without forcing himself on us. WHAT a gentleman, im SO in love (smile)!!  This knight in shinning armor even gave us a map to use as a guide….his very heart in a book, the bible….without making us follow it! He only compells us to come and try his sweet nature, peaceful presence and loving intimacy. What guy do we know will be this patient ladies?????? A man who is this genuinely giving of himself only with a desire to give you the world? He left a perfect paradise to partake in the undeserved pain we often impose with our rejection, moodiness, unappreciation, selfishness…….. and he still chases us with the absence of force even with all of our flaws. GOD is so sweet & selfless making him the ULTIMATE gracious gentleman.

Fashion: Gracious Flow and Form

I love how grace plays a part in faith……AND fashion & style! "Its the outward display of your body working together" (Gunn, p. 98). It is a harmonous function of the person. Its the posture, the poise and pleasantry of the individual. Its an inneraccvessory often overlooked by the untrainned eye.  Its a cost effective expression that says "no matter how much your ensemble cost, how  many labels you are marked with or the trend you set….if the person isnt gracious, my look is lessened."  All style needs grace….and Mrs. Grace Coddington.

 Grace Coddington is the head fashion designer for Vogue and Anna WIntour (editor-in-chief at VOGUE magazine) right hand woman and my career crush! She has an unparallelled creative fashion "story telling" sense and eye for the extreme (just like me, hehe). I admire her creative talent and resilience from rejection as I do the creativeness and resilience of GOD. Though both Grace and GOD's creations are often overlooked, they continue to pursue there passion…be it fashion or people. Grace (the woman) is a gift given to fashion and grace is a gift given freely to all from GOD. 

Anna and Grace  

Freebie: I'm so grateful for the "grace" love letter written to me today. I watched Joseph Prince (the grace giant) upon my awakening, read a chapter in one of my favorite fashion books which happened to speak about the grace of a woman while listening to a program on tv entitled " Women of Grace". Think someone was trying to tell me something? A little over kill about grace, right?? That's what I thought…..then GOD simply said " I want to talk to you about MY grace" and he did……to my heart.

 We give grace (to others), we walk in grace (GOD's covenant) and we walk with grace (poise)…..OWN IT!