robens-chery_web.jpgMARGATE — Robens Chery, author of the book The Mindset of a Teen, is slated to keynote a faith-based youth conference seeking to empower teenagers from multicultural backgrounds. The conference, entitled “Break Barriers of Religion, Tradition and Culture.”

Several churches, including North Dade Baptist, Emanuel Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale, Eglise Baptiste de Bere and Bethel Baptist have been invited to participate in the conference, which is geared toward teenagers. Nonprofit youth organizations from the tri-county region attended.

“The event will address how this generation has allowed religion, tradition and culture to affect their decision-making,” said Chery, who is of Haitian descent.

Chery has been a Broward County Public School teacher for more than 10 years and saw the need in the community, particularly the Haitian community, to give youth hope. “The No. 1 issue facing teens in the South Florida community is identity,” said Chery.

Chery hopes the conference will help to change how young people think about themselves.

“They don’t know or understand who they are, and because of a lack of identity our youth continue to struggle,this conference will help to address this issue,” he said.