fitbit_web.jpgWith more focus on health and fitness gift givers many want to consider some the latest trends in health technology. Wearable technology gadgets are one of this year’s hottest holiday items and by 2016, wearable electronics are expected to be a $10 billion industry.

They appeal to everyone; women love the ability to customize them, men love being able to track their daily fitness habits, and they are affordable.

Best Buy has an assortment of health and fitness activity trackers, an up-and-coming “wearable” technology, that is very popular this holiday season. The new FitBit Force just landed in stores and it comes shortly after Shine, the world’s most elegant activity monitor. Another popular favorite is the Jawbone UP, which came out earlier this year.

Fitbit Force:
•  Real-time stats on your wrist for tracking steps taken, calories burned, stairs climbed, minutes of activity and more
• Monitor how long and how well you sleep, offers a silent vibrating alarm to wake you up without disturbing others
• Syncs wirelessly to leading mobile devices and computers

• Tracks steps taken as well as activities including cycling, swimming, soccer, tennis and basketball
• Ability to function as a watch
• Can sync to your smartphone wirelessly and without removing it from your body
• With wristbands, necklace and clasp accessories, Shine can be worn on your wrist, neck, hip, shoe, etc.

Jawbone Up:
• Tracks distance, calories burned and activity intensity levels
•Tracks hours slept, deepness of sleep levels and waking moments