linda_hickson.jpgNew York native Mary Linda Castor Hickson, who relocated to warm South Florida in 1996 and soon became executive to two publishers of The Miami Herald, died Jan. 16 at age 67.

Hickson had fought off a respiratory disorder and early breast cancer but her health continued to suffer after she was diagnosed with congestive heart ailment.

She began her working life in New York City as an administrative assistant at the J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency and then moved to the music industry as an executive secretary with RCA Records. She helped create the newly-formed Marketing Division at RCA Records in Los Angeles, where she relocated.

A decade later, she returned to New York and was hired as a senior executive secretary in the New York Times Legal Department.

After she moved to the Miami area, she became executive assistant to then publisher Dave Lawrence and, after him, Alberto Ibargüen.

Hickson left The Herald after the paper was sold to McClatchy Company and ventured into the new field of virtual executive assistant, becoming her own boss.

Her survivors include daughter, Kimberly Irene Wagner; sons, Darin Sean Hickson and Watson J. Hickson Jr.; grandsons, Devin Anthony Wagner, Michael James Wagner, Richard Carl Wagner Jr., Darin Sean Hickson Jr. and Paul Martin McCombs; granddaughters, Nicole Irene Wagner and Crystal Jennie Wagner.