james_ross.jpgORLANDO, Fla. (AP) _ A homeless man with his eyes set on a college degree is challenging two Florida universities in court.


James Ross is suing Valencia College and Full Sail University under a little known state provision that allows the homeless to attend the state's universities colleges and trade schools without paying tuition.

James Ross lives in a tent in the woods. He bathes with a jug of water, washes laundry in public restrooms when he has to and walks 10 miles a day or more to work, shop, eat and run errands.

He has no formal legal education. Yet he's taking on two Orlando law firms and the colleges they represent, potentially setting off a skirmish with far-reaching implications.


When he went to apply at Valencia, Ross said the computer wouldn't process his application without paying a fee. He went to the college's business office but he said they turned him away. Full Sail was not accommodating either.

Attorneys for both schools have filed a motion to dismiss.