mcdonalds_logo.jpgMore than 300 Miami-Dade County high school students took part in a summer internship program at companies in the hospitality & tourism, engineering, information technology and finance industries.

Even with the economic downturn, some 152 Miami companies supported the school district’s program, with a 46 percent increase in the number of paid internships. 

“The opportunity to see two young students so eager to learn, responsible, punctual and sensitive to the working needs of others.  I hope to keep in touch with them in the years to come,” said Jean Orta, Human Resources manager with the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

Anthony Greenwood Sr., owner of McDonalds Restaurants, described the program as “successful,” saying the students apply what they learned by working on projects assigned to them at the company.

Students, in turn, welcomed the internships.

Amadeus Huff, a student at Miami Beach High School who interned at Sherlock Technology Staffing, said the program provides students with the experience of working in their desired field to see if that was what they really wanted to pursue. 

“It also allows students to spend their summer productively while making money at the same time,”  Amadeus said.

Adrian Abadie, a student at North Miami High School, who interned at Odebrecht Construction, said the internship provided him “with the real-life aspect of how construction management really works.”

According to a statement from the school district, the program is an extension of the learning environment and enables them to see first-hand the connection between what they learned in school and the world of business.