MIAMI — Thirty-eight nurses were honored with Nurse of the Year awards during a recent public celebration held at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

A licensed practical nurse, an advanced practice nurse, a registered nurse and a rookie nurse from each of Jackson Health System's patient care centers, specialty areas, satellite centers and hospitals were selected by their colleagues as the nurses who have contributed the most to quality care throughout the system.

Carlos A. Migoya, president and CEO of Jackson Health System and Ric Cuming, senior vice president for Patient Care Services and chief nursing executive presented the awards.

The Clinical Excellence Award is presented to the nurse who best exemplifies selfless dedication, compassion and nursing pride systemwide throughout the years. Winners include:

Myrlene Denis, Ambulatory Care Center;

Mamie Armbrister, Holtz Children’s Hospital and Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Women’s Hospital Center;

Pieta Pelobello, Jackson Memorial Hospital;

Elvira De Guzman, Jackson North Medical Center;

Maria Derr, Jackson South Community Hospital;

Elizabeth Basiratmand, Jackson Mental Health Hospital.

To qualify for the Nurse of the Year award, nurses must demonstrate excellence in job performance, proven by a consistent, above-average evaluation. The honorees are:

Guillermo A. Barquer and Marie Theodat, Ambulatory Care Center;

Marie Gelin, Cardiovascular Services; Jackie Master, Maureen Allen-Barnes and Deborah C. Rushing, Community-Based Primary Care Centers;

Gerry Francois and Lorena Carrasco, Corrections Health Services;

Bensita Joseph, Education and Development;

Douglas Houghton and Gelena Dimaano, Emergency Care & Trauma Services;

Nicole Thompson-Bowie, Angela L. Jones and Dawn Allen, Holtz Children’s Hospital;

Marcell Nicholas and Bernadette Jeanniton, Jackson Memorial Long Term Care Center;

Elizabeth Maybee and Leonila Liddell, Jackson Memorial Perdue Medical Center;

Barbara Seay and Marie Jean Louis, Jackson North Medical Center;

Carina A. Ryder, Maria E. Fernandez and Dolce Ortaliz, Jackson South Community Hospital;

Philip Dlugasch, Jean Jecrois and Olive Lewis, Medical-Surgical Hospital Center;

Marie Joseph, Jackson Mental Health Hospital;

Myrna Lee-Keow, Marietta Gervais and Rocio Mariel Simunovic, Ortho-Rehab-Neuroscience Hospital Center;

Nichole Crenshaw, Anne-Marie Fernandez and Jacqueline Buigas, Perioperative Services;

Maribel Valmocina and Maria Luisa Rodriguez, Specialty Areas;


PROFESSIONALISM RECOGNIZED: Consistently above average, and honored for it, Jackson Health System nurses.