katherine jackson.2_web.jpgCALABASAS, Calif. (AP) — Flowers have often come to Katherine Jackson’s home throughout her lifetime and now the matriarch of one of music’s most famous families is hoping a partnership with an online retailer will have some of her favorite blooms appearing on others’ doorsteps.

The mother of Michael Jackson says the floral outpouring by fans after the singer’s death nearly two years ago consoled her and let her know she wasn’t alone in her grief.

The feeling of receiving flowers is one of the reasons Jackson says she agreed to allow her name to be attached to six bouquets being sold by the website sendherflowers.com.

While flowers help lift her spirits, Katherine Jackson says she has “mixed emotions” about the upcoming trial of the doctor charged in her son’s death. She says she doesn’t believe the four years in prison the physician faces is punishment enough.