a.j. brown_web.jpgMIAMI — Art and Jazz lovers came out in large numbers for the opening reception of Double Exposure, an exquisite exhibition of paintings by Jamaican singer A. J. Brown and a captivating performance by guitarist Eugene Grey.

The event, held at the WDNA Jazz Gallery in Miami on Saturday, March 12, gave the audience a chance to see a side of Brown that many people did not even know existed. 
Patrons were captivated by the artistic prowess of the renowned singer, who showed 30 pieces of his paintings, which depicted Renaissance-inspired artistry intricately interwoven with aspects of the Caribbean.

The evening was made even more pleasurable with Grey‘s guitar stylings.

He delivered an excellent selection of jazz, reggae and mento classics, as he entertained the capacity-filled room with a display of his exceptional talent, performing a number of his original compositions as well as classics such as Marley's Jammin, Linstead Market and Footprints, originally composed and arranged by Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter. Grey was accompanied by Karl Wright on drums, Paul Banman on keyboards and Dave Richards on bass.

It was truly an evening of Double Exposure, as Brown showcased his talents as a visual artist and briefly joined the band to entertain the crowd with his rendition of This Masquerade, made popular by George Benson, the jazz standard Nature Boy and his reggae hit My Father, My Friend, which had the Jamaicans in the audience calling for a "Puuuull up." 

With the diverse audience, which included mostly non-Jamaicans, Brown had to explain that it was the Jamaican way of requesting an encore. Essentially, Brown wowed with his voice and his art, giving the audience a great showing on the stage and on the canvas.

Brown studied art at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts, in Jamaica and at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, while working at the Mirage Hotel.

Inspired by the renaissance period of art, he has blended his own Caribbean roots into his works, which will be on display at the WDNA Jazz Gallery, through April 9 and are available for sale throughout the exhibition.