teerika patterson_cc_fc_web.jpgA woman who announced she was giving away all her possessions and going homeless in a bid to attract businesses to a job fair for homeless women is still on the street.

Web site publisher Te-Erika Patterson made the announcement three weeks ago, saying she would stay homeless in Hollywood until 30 business signed up for her job fair slated for Monday.

She reported this week that with only days remaining, her Rebuild Your Life Job Fair had attracted only three businesses: Denny’s in Hollywood, Loews Miami Beach Hotel and The Homeless Voice Homeless Shelter.

“The Rebuild Your Life Project aims to teach women to overcome their fear of failure and losing everything so that they would be free to go after their dreams or move away from abusive and destructive situations,” Patterson said. “It also raises awareness for homeless women by making a call to action to Miami-Dade and Broward county businesses to participate in a job fair specifically for homeless women.”

Patterson said regardless of the lack of interest among businesses,  the job fair will still take place. All attendees must be affiliated with a shelter or service agent that serves homeless women.

“I did not do this in vain. Even if one woman becomes employed as a result of this job fair then I have made a difference,” she said.

“I thought that being homeless was the worst case scenario and I was afraid for my life when this project began,” she said. “I’ve realized that homelessness is a plateau that many can rise from or rest in. Because of places like The Homeless Voice Shelter, which accepts those that most in society reject, I’ve learned that there is a place for everyone, even a misfit like me.”

The Rebuild Your Life Job Fair will take place at 11 a.m. Monday, May 9, at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center, 2400 Charleston St., Hollywood. Those wishing transportation should call 954-586-7173.