barbara-jordan_web.jpgMIAMI —  In an effort to expedite the voting process, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Barbara J. Jordan proposed an ordinance that allows a maximum of three county ballot questions during a presidential election.

On Tuesday, Commissioner Jordan sponsored the legislation, which was passed by the Board of County Commissioners.


“The long lines and numerous hours of waiting were unacceptable,” said Jordan.


“Immediately after the election, I  began exploring measures to counter the unbearable circumstances in which many of our residents found themselves. This is not the sole remedy for what happened. Therefore, I will continue identifying solutions to ensure smooth and expeditious future elections.”


In addition to limiting the number of ballot questions, Jordan also put forth legislation that would allow voters to pick up and return absentee ballots on the Sunday and Monday prior to any presidential election.

That measure also passed the Commission and will be set in motion.


“Voting is a right given to American citizens,” said Jordan. “We want that experience to be pleasant for our citizens locally. They should walk away feeling great about contributing to the electoral process.”

*Pictured above is Commissioner Barbara Jordan.