chauncy_bailey_2.jpgOAKLAND, Calif. (AP) _ Final jury selection is under way in the murder trial of two men accused in the killing of an Oakland journalist who was investigating a bakery run by one of the defendants.

A jury is expected to be seated Monday out of a pool of 109 remaining prospective jurors. They will hear the case against the men charged in the death of Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey.

Prosecutors say Your Black Muslim Bakery leader Yusef Bey IV ordered Bailey's killing. Co-defendant Antoine Mackey is accused of driving the getaway van.

Bailey was investigating the nonprofit bakery for a story when he was gunned down on a downtown street in 2007.

The confessed gunman, Devaughndre (de-VON-dray) Broussard, struck a plea deal and is serving a 25-year sentence. He's expected to testify against the pair.