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Happy April, you fools!!!


I just attended a screening at the Women's International Film Festival of a low budget film called Speed Dating.  Now, I usually don't like low budget fair because of the bad acting, bad locations, and bad cinematography.  But, I have to say, it's been a long while since I've laughed that hard at the movie theater.   As the resident SFLTimes picky critic, I usually don't laugh at all of the comedies that I review, maybe a chuckle here and there.  But, I LOL'd myself silly throughout this 100 minute film.


Speed Dating is about three guys who use their restaurant's speed dating night to pick up women and sleep with them.  These guys are so good at doing this, that as the women walk down the stairs of the house the men share together, "Walk of Shame" is written on the walls in big letters.  Of course, as this is a romantic comedy, all three men fall head over heels in love and have to decide whether or not to grow up and settle down or keep up with their crazy lifestyle.


For writer/director Joseph A. Elmore, Jr., Speed Dating is his fourth film.  I haven't seen the others, but I loved what I was seeing in Speed Dating.  The acting is not the best, but Elmore obviously called in some favors.  The film is loaded with B-List favorites like Chico Benymon (Half N Half), Wesley Jonathan (What I Like About You, Crossover, Roll Bounce), Holly Robinson Peete (Hangin' With Mr. Cooper), Clint Howard (brother of Ron Howard), Chris Elliott (Everybody Loves Raymond), Vanessa Simmons (oldest daughter of Reverend Run Simmons), and Rapper Chingy.


Now, I don't know if the film has achieved distribution, yet, but you can check out the film's website:



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