kwame_kilpatrick_web_fc.jpgDETROIT (AP) _ A witness says he delivered $90,000 in cash to Kwame Kilpatrick in 2008 while the former Detroit mayor's family was settling in Texas after his resignation from office.

Mahlon Clift says the money came from Bobby Ferguson, the owner of a construction company. Ferguson, Kilpatrick and two others are on trial on corruption charges in Detroit federal court.

Clift testified Tuesday that he's known Kilpatrick since they attended Florida A&M University.

He says Ferguson gave him $90,000 in a Detroit hotel room. He says he returned to Chicago with the money and delivered $50,000 to Kilpatrick in Dallas in September 2008.

Clift says he gave the balance to Kilpatrick in Detroit the next month, just days before the former mayor began a jail sentence for lying in a civil trial.