larry_klayman.jpgTALLAHASSEE – Yet another judge is holding a hearing on a ballot challenge alleging President Barack Obama is not a "natural born citizen.''  Similar court actions, whcih scholars have deem "frivolous"  are becoming more common as the presidential elections nears.


This time it is publicity-seeking, conservative legal activist Larry Klayman, who questions validity of President Obama's birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii.

Klayman also argues that even if Obama was born in the United States, he still is not a natural citizen because his father was a foreign national.

The suit describes plaintiff Michael Voeltz, as being a registered Democrat.

Lawyers for the president and Florida Department of State are asking Circuit Judge Terry Lewis to dismiss the case Monday.

They say the suit challenging Obama's placement on the 2012 Florida ballot as the Democratic presidential nominee fails to state a cause of action because he hasn't yet been nominated.