paul_and_jan_crouch.jpgCOSTA MESA, Calif. (AP) — Televangelists Paul and Jan Crouch have faced plenty of mountains as they built up the world's largest Christian broadcaster but the most recent attack on Trinity Broadcasting Network is coming from within their own family.

The Crouches' granddaughter has filed court papers that include allegations of $50 million in financial wrongdoing at the ministry headquartered in Orange County.

Brittany Koper's lawsuit doesn't name TBN, but another suit filed by her uncle-in-law does. That suit accuses TBN of opulent spending on private jets, mansions and a mobile home for Jan Crouch's dogs.

The lawsuits were filed after Koper and her husband were accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from Trinity.

The feud comes as the network tries to weather a drop in donations and the departure of the eldest Crouch son.


*Pictured above is Paul Crouch, and Jan Crouch