bobby_dubose_8.jpgFORT LAUDERDALE – The Broward League of Cities recently hosted a service project at Feeding South Florida with more than 40 elected officals, city staff and associate members sorting and packing nutritious food for low-income children.

During the service project the Broward League of Cities team packed more than 1,300 meals that will be delivered to low-income children to nourish them on weekends when other food might not be available to them.

Chartered in 1957, the league is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization representing the 31 municipal governments and more than 80 associate government, nonprofit and business organizations within Broward County.

As president of the league, Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Bobby DuBose is highlighting the power of volunteerism by adopting“Together We Serve” as his platform and issuing a Million Hour Volunteer Challenge to the local community. The Feeding South Florida service project kicked off a series of community events being planned for this spring as part of that effort platform.

“The foundation of my tenure as league president stems from a belief in the power of volunteer service and the passion Broward County residents and officials have for benefiting their community,” DuBose said. “Selecting the nonprofit organization Feeding South Florida as our first community service event was an easy choice, as their hard work directly benefits struggling Broward County residents every day.”

Feeding South Florida solicits donations of food from a variety of sources, such as farmers and grocers, and distributes it through a network of nonprofit agencies including daycare centers, homeless shelters, youth programs, residential homes for the physically and mentally challenged and many more.

Officials said the organization addresses hunger and poverty throughout the area by providing approximately 2 million pounds of nutritious food each month to hungry South Floridians.

“Studies have shown that poor performance, behavioral problems, and health problems are all part of the effects of hunger,” said Feeding South Florida CEO Paco Vélez.

“Thanks to the commitment of volunteer groups like the Broward League of Cities, we can help fill the void between Friday’s school lunch and Monday’s school breakfast with shelf-stable, kid-friendly meals that are part of a well-balanced diet.”

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*Pictured above is Ft. Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Bobby DuBose.