letter-to-the-editor_web.jpgTo the Editor:

Regarding the story “Monestime showcases CRA, Green Corridor,”  in the May 31 issue of South Florida Times: After 18 months in  office, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Jean Monestime is pitching his accomplishments based on a “need for change” in Commission District 2 along with the Green Technology Corridor. 
I am  concerned about a few things he did not mention.  This is my district and  I have not seen anything he has done for the black community besides a meeting in a year and a half.

There are some proposals on the table but some things have been top priority and have already been done:  $400,000 approved to be given to the Haitian Heritage Museum (many months ago); a soccer field at Oak Grove Park opened Jan. 28, 2012, after someone from Monestime’s office called  football coach to say that his football team would not be allowed to return, that the new goal was to make room for a soccer field. Oak Grove is a public park to be used by all. 
Monestime stated the decision for the soccer field was made prior to his arrival by then Commissioner Dorrin Role. Rolle said he made no such decision. The soccer field cost the general obligation bond fund $235,000.

Also, Yoram Izhak was approved for a grant to repave roads for a retail chain at Northwest 79th Street and 27th Avenue. He was given a $3 million grant but the county will not say what retail chain(s) they have lined up for that area. Taxpayers should be told.

Monestime is talking about upgrading parks for the black community, yet blacks need more than that. So far, has any money been  spent anywhere  for blacks? 
Will the new “green jobs” be on the northeast part of 79th Street up to Sixth Avenue or from Northwest Seventh Avenue  to 27th Avenue?     Looks like black people have received zero dollars for projects while the other folks have gotten funding.

So much for change.

North Miami