lifelock_todd_davis_web.jpgAttorney General Bill McCollum announced that more  than 70,000 checks will be mailed to Floridians who have been customers of Lifelock Inc, a major identity theft prevention company.

In  March, the Attorney General’s Office, along with the FTC and 34 other states,  reached an agreement with Lifelock to resolve an investigation into the  company’s allegedly misleading advertising practices.

LifeLock sells identity theft services which past advertisements allegedly  claimed were "guaranteed" to protect consumers’ personal information and  prevent criminals from using it to open accounts in consumers’ names.

Some  ads included Lifelock CEO Todd Davis’ Social Security number in an  effort to demonstrate Davis’ confidence in the services offered.

The Economic Crimes Division in the Attorney General’s Office began investigating  LifeLock over allegations the company made a range of allegedly deceptive claims  that led consumers to believe its services would protect against all  types of identity theft.

Consumers will each receive a check for $10.87 and will have 60 days to  cash them.

In addition to the refunds, LifeLock is prohibited from overstating the  risk of identity theft to consumers, including whether a particular  consumer has become or is likely to become a victim.

LifeLock is also  prohibited from misrepresenting that its services can protect against or  eliminate the risk of identity theft or that it will constantly monitor  activity on each of its customers’ consumer reports.

Photo: Todd Davis