pat schneider-willie mae michaud_web.jpgFORT LAUDERDALE — Broward County seniors who are blind or visually impaired now have a better chance of living a less restrictive life, thanks to a grant of $75,000 from The Jim Moran Foundation to the Lighthouse of Broward’s Vital Living program.

The money is paying for life skills training for people 65 and older that would enable them to live independently and enjoy normal activities in their communities.

Skilled and highly trained professionals offer services at the Lighthouse’s Fort Lauderdale campus or in the senior’s home.  The seniors learn how to travel safely, manage their medications, read books and cook safely.  They also receive the latest computer and communications training, including training in Braille, specialized adoptive software and large-print displays and scanners.

“It was always very important for my husband to share what he had with others,” said Jan Moran, chairwoman and president of The Jim Moran Foundation.  “Through this grant to Lighthouse of Broward, we feel fortunate to be able to continue Jim’s legacy by helping nearly 300 visually-impaired seniors lead more active and self-sufficient lives.”

Individual instruction is provided at locations around the county, including senior centers and adult living communities. Classes are designed for people with vision impairment who are unable to go to the Lighthouse's main facility.

“This grant comes at a critical time in our community,” said Dr. Elly du Pre, executive director of the Lighthouse.  “As our population continues to age, we will see a sharp increase in the number of people who are blind or visually impaired. We need to be prepared to serve them with programs like this. I salute the Foundation for their support and insight.”