victor_web.jpgUnique, sexy, stylish, upscale and smooth.

These are all descriptions of the innovative yet ultra premium design of V. Georgio Vodka.

V. Georgio Spirits Co. CEO and Chairman Victor G. Harvey has almost single-handedly created a premium vodka spirit line that promises to reinvent the vodka industry.

In just three years, the company has made not only a local impact but has also reached international boundaries, including Australia, Costa Rica and Dubai, just to name a few.

With such an innate worldly view and strong entrepreneurial spirit, Harvey not surprisingly has given a global presence to V.Georgio Vodka.

“I’ve traveled the world extensively… trying to put together the world’s best vodka. I wanted to create a brand that I could take worldwide. I saw the spirits industry as one of those universal products that could expand across the seas,” Harvey told the South Florida Times.

To maintain such a distinctive brand requires the dedication of a great team. Currently, Harvey partners with WHQT HOT 105 radio personality Sylvester “Chico the Virgo” Wesley.

Wesley is a co- owner and VP of Celebrity Relations. He also shares the vision of V. Georgio Vodka.

“As an African American, I wanted to be a part of something major that no other African American is doing in this market,’’ Wesley told the South Florida Times.

V. Georgio Vodka prides itself on its unique flavors and natural ingredients. All are handcrafted by a master chef, using the freshest fruits and all-natural ingredients.

“We’re one of the very few types of vodka that is infused and not flavored. We’re able to combine elements on the molecular level. We have a process of filtration and purification that no one else in the world can do,’’ Harvey said.

Initially, the vodkas utilized a patented combination of filtration and oxidation that purifies the taste. The process then removes any harsh-tasting substances that fermentation or aging can reveal.

V. Georgio Spirits Co. has currently initiated a collaboration with Southern Wine and Spirits, which is one of the largest wine and spirits distributors in the United States.

Harvey and his team promise to bring the essence and prestige of V. Georgio to the pinnacles of Palm Beach, right on down to the depths of the Key West coast of South Florida.

Photo: Victor G. Harvey