Special to South Florida Times

The 160 LB TACOLCY Red Raiders defeated the Gould Rams 42-12 on Saturday, Nov. 6, and brought home the Greater Miami Pop Warner Super Bowl Championship.

With a record of 10-0-1 for the entire season, the 160 LB Raiders made history, as it marked the first time since the inception of the sports program the team has won a super bowl.

Now the team is preparing to head to Port St. Lucie to face-off with the Pirates on Saturday, Nov. 13, in the first game of the regional playoffs.

Cedric Hooper, sports director and head coach, has been at TACOLCY for 10 years. He said the win was well-deserved and long overdue.

“I know what God’s glory looks like and what He can do. We won because of God’s hand. I’m happy for my players and my coaches because I know this is the result of obedience and hard work paying off,” Hooper said.

If the Raiders defeat the Pirates, they will have to face two more teams in regional play-offs before advancing to the nationals at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

In spite of the expected stiff competition, Hooper believes his team has what it takes to win.

“I think we’re going to go all the way,” he said. “This is a talented group of guys and I think they’re hungry enough for it. Anything less than winning the national championship will be a disappointment.”

TACOLCY offers services to youth aged 4 to 21 in the Liberty City/Model City area, reaching more than 2,000 children, youth and families annually and has served more than one million in its 43 years of work.

The center’s sports development program has been in existence for more than 30 years and its goal is to enhance children’s athletic and academic achievement while building character and self-esteem.

The TACOLCY Red Raiders gives youth aged 4-17 a chance to play basketball, track and field, baseball/tee-ball and football and cheerleading.

The program runs from January to December and is affiliated with several sports league.

For more information on the program and how to donate or volunteer, call Hooper at 305-751-1295 ext. 128. For more information on the Belafonte TACOLCY Center, call 305-751-1295.