jadealexander.jpgIn this series, I am going to give you a few pointers about relationships, beginning with a pretty touchy subject. Men may not be getting it as much as they would like.  It’s no secret that the average man wants sex more than the average woman.  I will go over the top ten reasons your squeeze may not be that into it.  Read on, this could be a lifesaver.

1. Menstruation
Menstruation not only varies from woman to woman, it varies from month to month. For some women, it is the single most aggravating event in their lives.  For a lucky few, it is merely an inconvenience, for the rest of us – it’s a nightmare.

2. She’s mad at you for something you did (or didn’t do)

Many women find it difficult to have sex with someone when there is an unresolved issue in the air.  Most women have unresolved issues in the air. The old adage regarding sex is that women need a reason; men just need a place. It is true.

3. You stink
Not many women enjoy that manly aroma of sweat, grease and chicken wings. And for the record, these odors are only successfully removed by a shower with soap and water, not by cologne and Listerine. 

4. She’s stressed out

Women do not get stressed out about the same things men do because, well, they’re women!  Women have a tendency to carry their stress around with them so they can think about it all the time, and share it with their friends.  It is up to you to try and relieve the frustration if you are ever going to get sex tonight.

5. She’s tired

If she is genuinely tired, there’s not a lot you can do about it.  If she has been tired every night for a month, it could signal a problem.  Ask her if she thinks she’s doing too much and is there anyway you can help take some of the load off. 

6. She feels fat and/or unattractive

If she has a huge zit, a bad haircut or can’t get into her favorite jeans, she may feel fat and/or unattractive.  She may not want to get naked in front of you.  A woman feels most vulnerable when she is naked.  She thinks you are examining her flabby arms while you are making love or thinking about how much better her hair looked before she changed hair salons. 

7. She doesn’t need sex as much as you do
Oprah says that men and women have different sexual needs.  Oprah, as always, is right.  Don’t forget, though, each woman has a different sexual appetite and even that varies from month to month.  Women often want sex more around ovulation.  It is a primal urge intended to procreate. 

8. The sex is not that good
Shock, horror, recoil.  She may love you to pieces, but the thought of another horizontal tango with you no longer holds the kind of excitement it did during the early days.  There could be a lot of reasons for this.  One of them could be you are still doing exactly the same stuff you were doing back then.  It could also be that sharing a bathroom with you has taken some of the romance out of the relationship.  Another reason could be that you just got lazy. 

9. She is not in the mood.
We have already established that women are different from men.  Men are in the mood for sex almost all the time.  Women are in the mood under certain circumstances which only they know.
10. You are trying to be sexy

When men are horny, they find almost everything a woman does sexy.  That’s because they are horny.  Even when they are not horny, if they are in love, they find a lot of what a woman does sexy, then they get horny, etc.  Women are just the opposite. They rarely find anything a man does sexy.  They find it cute or adorable and because of that, they will have sex with you, but pretty much nothing you do can be termed in the least bit sexy.

Well, you wanted a little insight into the female psyche and I tried to help you out.  The above may or may not apply to your significant other, however it did apply to me when I started writing it; it didn’t when I finished.

Good luck!

PIctured above is Jade Alexander • TheWomensRoom@Bellsouth.net