mohammed_haroon_ali.jpegREDWOOD CITY, Calif. (AP) _ A man accused of killing the daughter of former Oakland Raiders star Fred Biletnikoff has been convicted of first-degree murder for a second time.

Jurors announced their verdict Thursday for Mohammed Haroon Ali, who was dating 20-year-old Tracey Biletnikoff when she was killed in 1999.

Prosecutors say Ali strangled her at a drug treatment center during a fight over whether Ali had started abusing drugs again. Her body was found in a wooded ravine in Redwood City.

Ali admitted strangling her, but argued that he didn't intend to.

Ali previously was convicted at trial. But an appeals court overturned that verdict in 2009, ruling that prosecutors dismissed the jury pool's only two black members because of their race.

The San Mateo County Times reports that Ali faces life in prison when he's sentenced in June.