fernando_clemente.jpgTAMPA, Fla. (AP) _ Police say a man took a photo of a sleeping woman, then went into her Tampa home and tried to sexually batter her. The attack happened early Sunday morning. Police say 21-year-old Fernando Clemente took the picture through the woman's bedroom window. He entered the home through an unlocked door.

According to reports, the man sat next to the woman. She woke up when Clemente tried to pull down her pants.

The arrest reports states that the woman tried to sit up, but Clemente pushed her back, telling her, “shhh, shhh, it's okay.'' The man then fled.

Tampa police arrested him at a South Tampa restaurant where he is a cook. He was arrested at 11 a.m. Sunday and remains in Hillsborough County Jail on attempted sexual battery charges.