lucius-gantt_web.jpgThe Gantt Report sends condolences to the families of children and school staff members killed in the recent murders at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. When news accounts reported what happened in Connecticut, black people in America knew the murderer or murderers were not African American.

Why? Because devilish white men fit the murderous profile. I know you don’t like for me to write like this but it is true. White men killed students at Columbine, a white man killed students at Virginia Tech and a white man opened fire on children as young as 6 years old in Connecticut. Do you remember the bombings of federal buildings and abortion clinics? Do you remember who shot up a movie theater during a Batman movie?

According to law enforcement officials in Connecticut, the gunman blasted his way into the elementary school and then sprayed the children with bullets, first from a distance and then at close range, hitting some of them as many as 11 times as he fired a semiautomatic rifle loaded with ammunition designed for maximum damage.

It’s easy to profile innocent black youth like Trayvon Martin. It’s easy to profile black kids wearing a hoodie or saggy pants but it is hard to profile a white man.

It’s easy to profile a woman who wears sexy or revealing clothes or to profile a Hispanic person when you suspect him or her of being an illegal alien but it is hard to profile a white man who will show up at an elementary school, college or other institution of learning wearing body armor and a bulletproof vest with a bag full of weapons and ammunition.

Haters say The Gantt Report talks about violence when The Gantt Report merely tells the truth. Other haters say so-called gangster rap music uses violent lyrics to sell CDs.

But no one but The Gantt Report is calling for the profiling of white men who show up on campuses wearing combat fatigues and carrying duffel bags filled with guns and bullets.

White men run the mainstream media so there will be no 60 Minutes or Dateline shows about what type of Americans will murder innocent children. There will be no outcry from the National Rifle Association for improved gun control or stiffer penalties for people who use guns to murder innocent children.

There are a lot of violent people in America of all races and creeds but the type of violent school mass murders in America has been orchestrated, for the most part, by one type of person: the white man.

Before slavery, there was a little tribal warfare in Africa in which warriors from one tribe fought and killed warriors from other tribes but, overall, Africans were pretty peaceful. Most Africans were harmonious and loved to come together and sing and dance.

But, during slavery, the African slaves were taught violence. They were whipped, beaten, castrated, lynched and otherwise killed by their white overseers and white slave masters. American violence was new to Africans. They were taught how to hurt and kill for no good reason at all.

The profile for a school mass murderer is a white man. Profiling is bad and oftentimes wrong but if you can profile non-whites you can profile white people.

Lucius Gantt, a political consultant based in Tallahassee, is author of the book Beast Too: Dead Man Writing. He may be reached at