TALLAHASSEE — The state Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD), a division of the Florida Department of Management Services, will host the 2011 “Tallahassee MatchMaker” at Florida State University on May 19.

The event attracts small and minority business owners from across the state who travel to Tallahassee to join standing-room-only crowds seeking to sell their goods and products to government agencies and private companies.

“We always expect a big crowd at the Tallahassee MatchMaker,” said the OSD’s Thad Fortune. “Representatives from almost every state agency will be present at the conference to talk to business owners one-on-one about how they may participate in state purchasing contracts.”

Purchasing staff from the Lottery, Management Services, Department of Health, Department of Transportation and other agencies, along with purchasers from Leon County, the city of Tallahassee and Florida State and Florida A&M universities will be at the event.

To register your company for a one-on-one session and to attend a workshop, email OSDhelp@dms.myflorida.com with your name, company name and phone number. You may also call OSD at 850-487-0915.

The event is being co-sponsored and hosted by the Florida A&M University Small Business Week Committee and the Florida State University Office of Supplier Diversity.