melanie-amaro_cover_web.jpgSUNRISE — Zoe Productions is presenting first season X Factor winner Melanie Amaro in the debut of the hit stage play You’re Never Alone at the Faith Center on Friday, Oct. 4 at 8 p.m.

Tickets are on sale now at the Faith Center box office (formerly Sunrise Musical Theater), 5555 N.W. 95th Ave. in Sunrise. Tickets are $20 – $35 and can be purchased at For more information call 954-742-7832.

The production stars a phenomenal cast including Fort Lauderdale native Amaro, who brings her musical styling to the production along with gospel sensation James Fortune, and a plethora of talented South Florida residents.

Written and directed by Bishop Henry Fernandez, pastor of the Faith Center, You’re Never Alone  is the story of four friends who reflect real-life situations that people deal with every day. Every person, regardless of race or gender will be able to find him or herself in this production, he says, and the storyline will leave the audience with the notion that someone else is always going through their situation.

“Life is filled with tragedies, triumphs, ups and downs, political and economic upheavals, family and single lifestyle miscommunications, and unforeseen circumstances in homes and yes, in churches,” said Fernandez. “But I strongly believe there is hope in most situations that we encounter in life. We are really never alone!”

The renown minister said he was inspired to write the play “for one main reason, to give hope.

“As a pastor, I get the opportunity to communicate with thousands of people worldwide, sometimes counsel with them, and I get to really hear their real life stories. I have concluded we don’t need statistics to prove that many people, regardless of nationality, culture, or financial status in life, feel all alone.

“Why? Most times when we encounter a challenge in life, we tend to isolate ourselves, hoping the situation would quietly resolve itself. Although we are fully aware that we must deal with our challenges and seek God’s guidance, it is human nature to not just isolate ourselves, but build up protective walls so we think we are alone.”

This script was written, said Fernandez, “to encourage people that they are not alone in the situation they are faced with today or will face tomorrow. It will remind the single and married that they are not the only ones facing critical times in their homes and struggling; God is always there to keep and preserve them. 

“The You’re Never Alone  play is whimsical, lively, unpredictable and hilarious,” he said. “It’s going to encourage you to stand on God’s word in all circumstances because … you are really never alone.”