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MIAMI — “A wedding such as this is every woman’s dream.” So exclaimed one young woman awestruck by the splendor surrounding Arthur Martineau and Deborah Doty’s marriage on Saturday, July 21 in Miami Beach.

There were vibrant colors, fabulous coutiere, a five-day program of fine cuisine and entertainment for the hundreds of guests who arrived from around the world for the occasion which rivaled royal nuptials.


Included was the glittering reception for more than 600 family, friends and colleagues held on all three levels of the glamorous Cruz Building at Commodore Plaza in the heart of Coconut Grove.

The new Mr. and Mrs. are well known members of the Miami Beach Police Department. He is executive director of the Police Athletic League (PAL), an organization that provides mentoring to boys. She is the department’s public information officer. As police officers they are involved in the ongoing overall struggle against crime. Their particular focus is a better-informed public and helping to steer the youths of Miami Beach towards greater discipline and civility, enhanced community participation and improved individual lives.

She also is the daughter of Everett and Claudette Pompey. The father, a businessman with interests in the USA, Africa, the United Kingdom and South America, proudly escorted his daughter to the altar of the St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church.

Although showers had been forecast, sunshine bathed the scene on the special Saturday afternoon of the couple’s big day. St. Patrick’s in Miami Beach overflowed.

Officiating priest Father Tito Soler from St. Patrick’s was both brilliant and entertaining in his lengthy pre-nuptial discourse with the couple — to the delight of the huge assemblage. Later his eyes opened in wonder at the size of the bride’s ring – a platinum-and-diamond work.

Its sheer style had provided early promise that the Martineau/Doty wedding would be a very special event. Their invitation arrived in a gift box along with a special CD and weighing 16 ounces. Non-resident guests staying at seafront hotels in the city had an assortment of attractive gift arrangements delivered to their rooms.

Further, all attendees at the church received a special souvenir with their individual names imprinted and the message, “Thank you for sharing this special day with us,” along with information referring them to the Cruz reception location.

For all events at all times, air-conditioned transportation was provided for non-resident guests, such as to the Sunday, July 22 “White Night” of dinner and dancing at the Miami Beach Art Deco Centre.

In addition to the reception, events which formed part of the wedding program were held at family homes, and at such facilities as the Miami Beach Museum of Erotica, the Grand Beach and Park Central Hotels, and the Art Deco Welcome Centre/Miami Design Preservation League, which is dedicated to preserving, promoting and protecting the Miami Beach “ART DECO” architectural historic district.

Miami Beach TV personalities were on hand to provide coverage of the wedding, which also attracted media from New York.

Photo: Deborah Doty’s