darwinius_masillae_web.jpgHistory has been made by a cat-sized primate fossil with opposable thumbs. The 47 million-year-old remains were found by amateur paleontologists in Frankfurt, Germany in 1983. The discovery was kept secret and examined fully until its release to the press this past week. Now it has been deemed by scientists, “the eighth wonder of the world.”
The fossil, officially named Darwinius masillae and affectionately called Ida, shows the first indications of nails instead of claws on a primate as well as the first suggestion of an animal walking upright.

This discovery is the missing piece in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and could change the way we study human beings in the future now that there is proof of the human evolutionary line. 

Some might say that this could signal the end of the world now that evolution has been proven, but others can see that this is clearly just the
beginning of a new era where science provides many sought-after answers to life’s many hard questions.


Photo: Darwinius masillae