teerika patterson_cc_fc_web.jpgA woman who said she has gone homeless to win support for a job fair has announced that more companies are signing on to the project.

Te-Erika Patterson said the Rebuild Your Life Project, sponsored by her  MySavvySisters.com  Web site, has now gotten commitments from 14 firms.

The Rebuild Your Life Job Fair is scheduled for 11 a.m. June 6 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center, 2400 Charleston St., Hollywood.

Patterson said she gave away all of her belongings and became homeless on purpose a month ago to teach women that they can overcome anything. She vowed to remain homeless until 30 businesses pledged participation in her job fair.

“I knew that I could rebuild my life because I have had to do so many times before,” Patterson said in her latest update. “The job fair is really an effort to allow local businesses to show their support for the women in their community. Businesses that cannot make it to the actual job fair are asked to partner with me by allowing me to call them when I meet a woman in need and set up an interview for her.”

The job fair was originally scheduled for May 9, but at that time only three businesses had signed up. Patterson said she postponed the event and would remain homeless for another month.

“"I am already sending women on interviews with jobs,” Patterson said. “One woman has reported a job offer and I am extremely proud of her.”

To participate in The Rebuild Your Life Project, call 954-586-7173 and leave your name and phone number.