get-him-to-the-greek-movie_web.jpgWhen deciding which film to review each week, I try to pick something that would be interesting to our readers.  Some weekends are easier than others when it comes to choosing a film.  This past weekend, I was in a quandary.  I knew that Get Him to the Greek would probably be interesting, because of all of the hype; but, I wasn’t sure that it would appeal to black readers.

Then, my friend Delvin reminded me of the phenomenon that is The Hangover.
Every black person I know in their 20s and 30s has seen The Hangover and thinks it is the most hilarious film they’ve seen in a really long time.  One of the reasons they like it, is because there are people doing stupid things while drunk that most African Americans wouldn’t do.

After watching Get Him to the Greek, I see that I made the right choice. 

In Get, Aaron Green (played by Jonah Hill) is an average guy working for a record label in Los Angeles.  He comes up with the idea of having faded rock star
Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) play a concert at the Greek Theater in L.A., for a 10-year anniversary tour.  Aaron’s boss, Sergio (Sean “Diddy” Combs) thinks this is a great idea and sends Aaron to London to retrieve the artist and bring him to “The Today Show” to promote and then to the Greek to perform.

This story, written and directed by Nicholas Stoller, is really a continuation of Brand’s character in the hit Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  It also gives a glimpse into the music industry and the rock star life.  It’s also laugh out loud funny.

Even though Judd Apatow has been in the shadows since the failed Funny People bombed at the box office, he obviously hasn’t retired from the business. Get has Apatow written all over it with the average, non-good-looking guy living the rock star life, even though he has a hot girlfriend at home.  This is a standard Apatow formula that has won over audiences for quite some time — ­­unless it stars Adam Sandler.

Of all of the comedy films I have seen this year, Get is one of the funniest.  I wish I could tell you my favorite joke in the movie, but it can’t be printed in this family-oriented publication.  For those of you who have seen the film or are planning on seeing the film, it’s all in the mind.

Hill and Brand have a brand of comedy that is all their own.  They make a great duo and they have their own signature style of comedy, which makes for the best in yin and yang duos. I also love that Hill doesn’t represent the typical leading man with a killer body and handsome face.  And, Brand is like an Austin Powers meets Steven Tyler type of character. 

Rose Byrne, who plays Jackie Q. Aldous’ baby mamma and ex-girlfriend, reaches into her Sydney, Australia roots and comes up with a pretty believable U.K. accent. 
And, Elizabeth Moss as Daphne Banks, Aaron’s girlfriend, is less annoying than her past performances.
Diddy shows his range by playing Pinnacle M & A record label CEO, Sergio.  Sergio is harsh and, apparently, great at his job.  At first, it seems like Diddy was cast as Sergio because he is essentially playing himself.  But, it’s obvious Diddy had some fun with the character; which makes him one of the more comical characters in this comedy.  The best is when Sergio just stares at Hill’s Aaron. The look alone is hilarious.

Apatow must have called in some favors, because the film has some great cameos.
There’s Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Mario Lopez, Pink, Kurt Loder, Christina Aguilera, Tom Felton of Harry Potter, Rick Schroder, Kristen Bell, Meredith Vieira, and even TMZ makes an appearance.

All in all, Get Him to the Greek is a comedy that I’m sure most back people will enjoy, just don’t bring the ­kiddies.  There’s nudity, drug usage, and full blownshenanigans.