terminator-salvation_web.jpgMany of you readers had your opinions on my Star Trek review.  Some of you trekkies were nice about it.  Others were downright ruthless.  My own Uncle Walter isn’t even speaking to me.  But, as always, my reviews are just my picky opinion.  I can’t always give good reviews. 

That said, I was threatened with the dissolution of some friendships if I didn’t like the latest Terminator film.  So, imagine how good it feels to actually like the film, especially after I hated The Terminator; Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.  For some reason, I fell asleep in the middle of all three of those films. 
I did not have any inkling to fall asleep during Salvation.  Director McG has directed both Charlie’s Angels films and the pilot episode of the TV series Chuck.  He is a very capable and talented man.  He’s good at directing action and bringing it to life.

Screenwriters John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris have a great script on their hands.  They establish pathos and toe the line of sexual regression in dark times. The tension is there, but it’s not in your face; this is a PG-13 film, after all.  Speaking of the storyline….Salvation takes place in 2018.  The resistance has been working overtime to stay alive and pick off as many machines as it can.  The prophecies of John Connor (played by Christian Bale) are still in existence and John is still alive and kicking.  Enter Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington); a machine who used to be human and still thinks he’s human.  On opposite sides of the spectrum, both men fight to destroy the Skynet hub in San Francisco.  This Skynet headquarters is not only run by a super computer, it’s also taking human prisoners to make into machines. 

The concept of machines taking over the world and wreaking havoc wherever they see fit is scary and plausible. It’s easy for us humans to sit in our air-conditioned climates and conduct all of our business on the Internet. But what if the Internet decided to have a mind of its own and take over everything?  We really would be a race at war, forget the War on Terror.  But, I digress….

Bale has proven himself to be a box office draw with his turn as Batman and now John Connor.  As an actor, he’s pretty great.  I won’t mention his diva fit on the set of Terminator; it’s been played and parodied on youtube.com enough. 

Worthington, whose Australian accent kept seeping into Marcus’ dialogue, is still a pretty good actor.  Marcus is supposed to be American, by the way.  Not taking that pimple into consideration, I was very upset when his character died.  I loved his character.  He supplied just enough tenderness to counteract Connor’s rough disposition.  I loved the way the two actors played off each other.  Worthington is obviously going places, and I can’t wait to see where he goes. 

Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese (John’s father) is unlike his dopey Swiss character on Star Trek. He’s got a lot more heart.  Moon Bloodgood as Blair Williams, a fighter pilot, serves as the hot chick of the film.  She manages to be tough, but not tough enough.  I wish she had done more with the role.  Helena Bonham Carter as Dr. Serena Kogan portrays a character who is serene because she’s dying.  She looks the part, but I wasn’t interested enough in her portrayal.  I hate to say it, but the character needs more life. 

Bryce Dallas Howard as Kate Connor is the typical love interest.  She is there for her man, but I didn’t see the love that should have been there between her and John, especially since Kate’s pregnant and they’re married.  Little Jadagrace as Star, who is a part of the resistance, is going places, just like Worthington.  She doesn’t talk in the entire film, but her facial expressions are that of a veteran actor.  She’s got natural talent that – when cultivated – will be exceptional.  Little Jada is one actress to watch. 

Rapper/actor Common portrays Barnes, John’s second in command.  I wish he had had more lines and screen time.  Common is a great socially conscious rapper, but he can be a great actor with some cultivation.  He just needs someone to give him more of a chance to play something other than a gun-toting baddie.  I know he can do it.  And, I should mention that Terry Crews of Everybody Hates Chris fame makes a brief appearance as a freshly dead corpse.  He plays dead well.

All in all, I love Terminator Salvation, if you haven’t guessed already.  I hear that there are two sequels already in the works.  I smell a franchise revival with new players.  I know a lot of people are upset that Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t in the film; although his CGI’d mug does appear.  No offense to the Governator, but he should stick to governing.  McG has made a new Terminator fan out of me, and I hope he keeps it that way.