My life was in shambles.  I had been drinking and doing drugs in the MD/DC area for several years from early teens to late twenties.  I had been to other treatment facilities before with no success.  At age 29 I decided that I would try it one last time before I turned 30.  I found Beachway Therapy Center online with a few references, and found it to seem more professional and organized then any others I have seen or been to.  On top of that, it's in Florida.  I said to myself that this was the place for me to recover from my drug and alcohol addiction. 
     Nervous as I was, I packed a few things, got on a plane and met the very welcoming arms of Stephen and Zana at the Ft. Lauderdale airport.  They made me feel very comfortable from the minute I met them to the time I got settled and continue, to this day, treat me as a part of their family. The entire staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and comforting.  I cannot stress enough how that alone had a big part in my recovery.  Rather than being just a number, or a patient, they actually treated me as family and remember my personal needs and situations. 
     The music and art therapy is exceptional.  I couldn't believe how every time we would do art, music, or meditation I would feel a hundred times better then before we started.  It would always help me get out of my own head and have a much better day.  In addition to these sessions, they also would take us to the  beach, the gym several times a week, bowling, and there would be a movie night at the studio for us to all enjoy together.  Salt water fishing had to have been my favorite activity though. 
     In addition to all this, the accommodations are great as well.  Its like an apartment with all the amenities.  They take you shopping once a week with your included food card, as well as haircuts, doctors appts, and more.  Being a chef, I loved the fact that we had a fully stocked kitchen, outdoor grill and they would usually accommodate requests within limits. 
     In conclusion, I could go on and on about how Beachway Therapy Center and it's employees helped lay a solid foundation for a life long journey of recovery and sobriety.  I thank them very much and will admit that I couldn't ever have done it without them.  Bottom line, Beachway saved my life.
Rob A.