elias_montoya.jpgTAOS, N.M. (AP) _ Advocates are pressing for more discipline in the New Mexico State Police shooting of a minivan full of children during a chaotic October traffic stop near Taos.

A group of residents met Friday with State Police Chief Pete Kassetas in a two-hour closed door meeting.
Harold Bailey, Albuquerque NAACP chapter president, said after the meeting he felt the chief will make the right decision.

A dash cam video showed Elias Montoya shooting at the minivan as a Memphis, Tenn., woman drove away from a chaotic traffic stop after an officer knocked out her van's window with a baton.

Montoya was fired earlier this month but is appealing his termination. He also has drawn support from marchers seeking his reinstatement.

Kassetas declined to tell reporters if the other officers involved would face any discipline.