cleaning_equipment_web.jpgIf you think hurricanes are just boring wastes of time, then think again. Here’s a list of ten things to do after a hurricane has hit and there’s no power.

1.  Clean: This is the perfect time to do the spring cleaning, seeing as there’s junk everywhere. Simply clear out the mess and leave it with the bulk of debris waiting to be picked up by the government.
2.  Read: Unfortunately, this will only work during daylight hours, by candlelight or by flashlight, but everything is quieter. Make it the perfect reading atmosphere.

3.  Sleep: Like I said, things are quiet.

4.  Star gaze: The night sky when everything is turned off is probably one of the most beautiful things about the aftermath of a hurricane.

5.  Play games: Playing games with your family, friends or neighbors will definitely pass the time while giving you a chance to bond and make some human connections.

6.  Go exploring: You’re bound to find something interesting after a hurricane. Maybe you’ll make new friends in the neighborhood.

7.  Gardening/landscaping: Take some of those branches and design a new layout for the garden.

8.  Garage sale: Everyone’s out and about, bored, with nothing to do… someone will want to do some shopping at some point.

9.  Write in a journal: Record the experience so that your kids can know about the great hurricane of the 21st century.

10.  RELAX! Schools are closed and jobs are on hold. Now is the time to chill out and have fun with everyone you love. This is Mother Nature’s way of telling you to take a load off; you work too hard all year round.