antonia williams-gary.pngI have not yet read the recently published announcement (received in an email) but I can predict what it might say – containing all the necessary appeals to my “reasoning” to get on board – again.  And I will; no debate about my political leanings.

But I have begun to ponder what the real deal is, this mad desire to lead the leading nation of the world, at least the one that holds the image and accepts the label (and the responsibility) of being the leading nation in the world (as we know it).

I say “as we know it” because science continues to support the theory that this is the only sustainable environment for the human species – something about hydrogen, water, temperature, etc.

Putting aside all the debate since the beginning of recorded experiences (from cave drawings to Tweets) about the status of being human, the condition of the human species in the United States of America, supported by immigration reports, is seemingly what many other human species from the rest of the world want.  Arguably this enviable condition includes economic advantages, political “freedoms,” open social intercourse, access to higher learning (about what?), allowing females of the species to remain alive at birth, and so on.

And Barack Obama wants to continue as the leader of that group of human species in the U.S.A. and, therefore, the world.  Now that’s audacious!

I’m never sure anymore what motivates those, like Obama, who continue to place themselves in such harrowing positions – courting physical (and soul-denying) death, continually skirting around the edges, ever reaching beyond any limitations imposed by physical, mental or spiritual birth affects/defects and within a society that has become post-racial, gender-neutered and that offers opportunity for economic equality — to assume leadership of this tribe.

I look forward to when my long-hoped-for combination sociologist/anthropologist/evolutionist/

Humanist can describe this phenomenon to my satisfaction.

I imagine that humans who think within the context of religion may even go as far as to ascribe this (near inhuman) pursuit as wanting to play god- yes, with a little “g.”


I have always been baffled by the dominance of the human species above all others. Ever seen an elephant war?  Only the grass gets damaged (badly interpreted African proverb).

And then there is the ant colony, organized, strictly defined roles and the queen – oh the queen! 

But I digress.

This is about Barack Obama’s second campaign to rule, nay, govern, the human species’ “best” collection of its kind – so far. 

From where I sit, here is what Mr. Obama has ambition to govern: a place that was forcefully claimed by “founders” who were running away from another god-state; a place that operates under the direction of alpha-males whose ideas/ideals of exclusion, superiority, dominance and murder (often as a first choice and, certainly, as a recourse) have still not been amended; a place that has continued to impose its ideas and ideals upon the rest of the human species in the world.  I could go on.

So, to Mr. Obama:  A revolution of evolution is in order!  I am prepared to support you in your ambition to lead this ever-evolving species (humans) from the U.S.A. and, therefore, the rest of the world, so we can all begin to live a fulfilled life of peace for all humankind on earth.

Is that asking too much for your 2012 platform?   

Antonia Williams-Gary is a consultant with Miami-based Savings and Grace Enterprise. She may be reached at