agenoria_s._paschal.jpgMIAMI — It’s now Agenoria S. Paschal/Olinda Elementary School. A recent ceremony officially noted the addition of her name to that of the Liberty City school she originally opened and where she served as its first principal.

Her notable career was celebrated during the renaming ceremony at the school marked by music and remarks by special guests and notables.

The third-generation educator, now retired, served the Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) and her community for more than 40 years as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and director, following in the footsteps of her grandmother who was an outstanding teacher in the 1800s.

Among her many accomplishments, Paschal implemented programs such as the Mobile Reading Clinic, Non-graded Grouping, Magic Circle Awareness and Extended Public Library Services to the community.

She also assisted in the writing of an educational proposal that organized, implemented and opened one of the first Neighborhood Centerettes, Primary School C, which was later named Thena Crowder Elementary School. The school was the M-DCPS’ first segregated pre-school primary elementary school.

The Neighborhood Centerette proposal has since been placed in the Congressional Library in Washington, D.C. For her work in the community, Paschal was given the Key to the City of Miami.

Paschal was appointed to open Olinda Elementary School. Olinda was known as a Triple T school, a Training of Teachers model, which was a collaboration between M-DCPS and the University of Miami. She served as Olinda’s first principal and curriculum leader.

Following her tenure at Olinda Elementary, Paschal became a director and served as a liaison between the area/regional office and the county.

She coordinated K-12 curriculum, vocational, career, fine arts and bilingual education programs.

She was one of the first administrators to go into schools to work closely with principals and teachers for the implementation of Spanish bilingual programs. Paschal was honored by Mayor Xavier Suarez, by the Instituto De Cultura Hispanica of Miami and received an award from the Hispanic Teachers of Dade County Schools for promoting cultural diversity.

Paschal, who was married to the love of her life, the late Fletcher Alonzo Paschal Jr., for more than 61 years, celebrates her 90th birthday this year.