black_wig.jpgAVALON, Pa. (AP) _ A Pittsburgh-area restaurant has stopped calling one flavor of its hot wings "black-on-black crime'' after customers complained about the negative racial connotatiMatt Cercone, the owner of Big Shot Bob's House of Wings in nearby Avalon, tells WPXI-TV he didn't mean any offenseon.

In fact, he says the name was invented by a local customer who also happens to be black.

The name was a play on words that referred to the wings being doused in dark barbecue sauce and cooked with Black Magic seasoning.

The menu has dozens of other signature flavors and at least one other referring to an ethnic group. "Bada Bing'' wings are covered in Italian gravy and parmesan cheese.

Cercone let a customer who complained about the 'black-on-black' term rename the wings. They're now called 'BigFineWoman2000' wings.