pitbull-rebelution_web.jpgIf you've been out of the rap game longer than, oh, about 10 minutes, the next thing you do is invariably called a comeback. This is where Miami-based Pitbull posits himself, out to prove he is still a hit maker with his latest album Rebelution.

Hits are measured in a multitude of ways, but suffice it to say this is a strong return to form for Mr. 305. It's rap-infused dance music, with Pitbull's signature bilingual (Spanish and English) blend of lyrics.

"Shut It Down (featuring Akon)" and "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" are guaranteed floor fillers. Heavy beats, sexy hooks and Pitbull's snappy rap approach are a winning formula.

"R.I.P. are Big and Pac/ That he's not but damn he's hot," Pitbull raps about Pitbull, on "I Know You Want Me," serving notice not to bury his career just yet.

There's no "Toma" here, his electrifying 2004 hit. But what is on Rebelution is solid, perfectly produced and should keep Pitbull tracks growling on the dance floor for years to come.

CHECK OUT THIS TRACK: Pitbull pays homage to Florida hip-hop pioneers 2 Live Crew on "Hotel Room Service," with its thumping 808s, repetitive group chant hooks and nasty lyrics. No one does nasty like Luther Campbell and company, but Pitbull represents the trunk bass genre just fine.