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Miami Gardens, Fl February 10, 2010: "Childhood obesity has increased by four times over the past 40 years. Over 70 percent of overweight adolescent will be overweight or obese adults" CDC


Thankfully First Lady Obama introduced "Let's Move Campaign which will reduce the incidence of childhood obesity and promote healthy nutrition practices for safe and adequate growth from childhood to adulthood.


Demetrice Morrison, Registered Licensed Dietitian & Nutrition Expert,

supports the First Lady's initiative to get children of the video control and outside running. According to the CDC " Minorities have a higher prevalence of obesity compared to whites". This epidemic is affecting many children and can be prevented as we include parents to help restructure the meal preparation process and quality of food provided to our children. Morrison recently counseled a four year child and parent weighing 95 pounds. It was discovered that the child was being given on average ten twelve ounce bottles of whole milk a day. After the nutrition intervention and close monitoring, the parent was able to offer healthier foods required for growth which caused the toddler to grow into his weight instead of gaining more weight. Morrison has been helping children for the past seven years. She says that " by involving the parent, it has been more successful in combating childhood obesity" . She has taken charge of addressing the childhood obesity concern by speaking a local churches and schools. She also offers a local nutrition class that invites parents to come out and learn how to cook healthier. She is a professional with a Dietetics and Nutrition degree, using her knowledge to speak on ways parents can eat healthier by changing the foods that the children are eating. She would like to share her healthy kid friendly dvd entitled "The Seven Day Family Plan" with parents who may have concern on how to feed their child healthier. She is also available as a Nutrition Consultant to give healthy tips on maintaining healthy weight, exercise and eating practices. This epidemic can be stopped as long as we can work with our parents to help them help feed their children in a healthy manner. Demetrice is available to discuss Childhood Obesity and other Nutritional issues.


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