football_3.jpgMIAMI (AP) — In between Tuesday’s Orange Bowl and Monday’s BCS national championship game, a daunting task awaits the people who actually host those two contests. That is, a massive redecoration of several venues — with just a few hours to pull it off in some cases.

Florida State and Northern Illinois were heading home from the Orange Bowl following the latter’s 31-10 loss on Tuesday, not long before Notre Dame and Alabama were to arrive Wednesday afternoon to begin final preparations for Monday night’s BCS title tilt. And by the time the Fighting Irish and the Crimson Tide land, much of what promoted the Orange Bowl will be gone.

Sections of the turf at Sun Life Stadium were to be removed within a few hours after the Orange Bowl for new sod — much of which will either have Notre Dame, Alabama or BCS logos painted on it in the coming days.

The quickest work will likely come at the team hotels. Notre Dame and Alabama — not to mention large portions of each team’s fan base — were checking into the same hotels on Wednesday that the Seminoles and Huskies checked out of earlier in the day. Florida State and Northern Illinois colors and logos will be torn down, but not until those teams actually depart.

In short, Florida State and Northern Illinois were notbe made to feel like the warmup act for this two-week Miami college football extravaganza.