lucius_gantt_1.jpgHere are randon thoughts for the week:

• There are more older people who vote than there are young folks who do, so if Republicans want to keep winning, they had better keep their greedy, bloody paws off Medicare and Medicaid.

• Devilish media institutions are encouraging celebrations after recent bombings of Libyan landmarks in an attempt to assassinate the country’s leader, but African Americans and blacks worldwide should know that Libya, unlike the United States and other Western countries, regularly utilizes black professionals in billion-dollar oil deals and other commodity transactions. Libya tries to get black people paid.

• People ask me all of the time what I think about Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s proposals for government employees.  My feelings are the same as the workers’ feelings. They don’t care what happens to Florida citizens, and Florida’s unemployed and underemployed don’t care what happens to government workers.

•  The people who disrespect black media the most are also the ones who will need black media support the most in the 2012

elections – candidates who are black and/or Democratic Party members. Many pollsters, printers, fundraisers and consultants are already on the 2012 campaign pay rolls but how many political professionals getting paid right now look like you do? How many political ads will black newspapers and radio stations get before summer 2012? Not many, if any.

• Accusations of “imperialism” and “neocolonialism” are being made in Africa today in response to fighting in places like the Ivory Coast and elections that took place in Nigeria. All around the world, it is still all about the money, or the oil, or the cocoa.

• Going to multiple churches on Easter Sunday made me remember how my mother worked so hard to afford to buy me an “Easter suit” and my sister a dress. The difference between then and now is now I go to church on a regular basis for my own salvation but back then I went because mama and daddy told me to. Easter speeches are still the same. Eggs are more expensive.

•  As usual, in an election after reapportionment, Florida’s black elected officials will be running against one another in races across the state. Can’t we all just “Rodney King” and get along?

Lucius Gantt is a consultant based in Tallahassee. He may be reached at