kreayshawn.jpgIt’s unfortunate that the beats throughout Kreayshawn’s debut album are brilliant, but her lyrics and stories are not.

Somethin ‘Bout Kreay’ features top-notch production work from Free School, Diplo, Boys Noize and DJ Two Stacks — and these beats would be another rapper’s dream.

But Kreayshawn, the charismatic 22-year-old newcomer, doesn’t use them well: While she’s playful throughout the album, there is no depth to her rhymes.

Gucci, Gucci has a catchy hook, but the overall song about her disregard for designer brands is annoyingly repetitive.

The uneven Left Ey3, about a deceitful boyfriend, references TLC’s Left Eye, who burned down her boyfriend’s house.

She also raps on the song: Heard my man is cheating with another (girl) in my house, now I’m finna make a scene like I’m Amy Winehouse. REALLY? Try again.

Kreayshawn tries singing on luV Haus, but the drowning track is uneventful. This album will leave you asking: Foxy Brown and Missy Elliott, when will your records be released?