black_history_month.jpgTo The Editor:  In 1926, Carter G. Woodson founded Negro History Week to focus on black contributions to civilization and it expanded in 1976 to Black History Month by proclamation of then President Gerald Ford.

So why is Miami-Dade County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson standing with Amanda Vargas, executive director of Latinos United about a Dominican Republic display during Black History Month. [Dominican exhibit salutes Black History Month, Page 1B, Feb. 17, 2011].
Can’t Ms. Vargas display her exhibit during Hispanic Heritage Month?

Blacks get national attention one month a year and immigrants want to steal our spotlight. This is total disrespect. Ms. Edmonson should have told her she can’t disrespect us and educate her on the purpose of Black History Month.

It is to celebrate African-American history from slavery to freedom, focusing on our struggles, triumphs and perseverance. It is our legacy and our children’s legacy of pride and accomplishment. Ms. Edmonson needs to apologize to the black community for this breach.

As for the Untold Story in the play in Little Haiti [Play promises to tell untold story of Haitian Americans], is this an attempt to get some attention during Black History Month, as well? The story is talking about fights with black students, yet is there evidence of these alleged incidents?

Do some immigrants envy blacks because we fought for our rights, instead of running away? Respect is due to our African-American brothers and sisters and let all
other attention-seekers be rebuked.

Finally, the Transit Village project needs to guarantee in writing how many jobs African Americans will get [Transit Village protestors take their case to the street, Page 3B]. Politicians have a way of saying one thing and doing another.

I support the protestors and feel most of the space in the Transit Village should be for black businesses, old and new. We also need to know how much those condos will be going for and if the people in them will look like us. We definitely need more meetings from Ms. Edmonson.

Liberty City belongs to the residents since they are the voters and taxpayers. Blacks have a right to demand their voices be heard and to control their own destiny.

African-American Foundation of Greater Miami Inc.
North Miami.