My father and I went out to dinner recently, and we were looking for a beachside restaurant so that we could enjoy each other’s company with a great view in the background. After passing many venues with overpriced entrees, we found The Rock Bar. The restaurant enticed us with relaxing reggae music and comfy couches, with the beach just across the street.
The facility had a self-seating policy, so we found a couch and waited for our server. The service wasn’t as attentive as I would have liked, but it seemed like the restaurant valued its relaxed, unrushed appeal. Still, there’s a balance between relaxed and lazy that wasn’t observed. The customer can be served in a laid-back environment, and the customer service can still be prompt and attentive.

The atmosphere could have been better, also. The idea was there and it was a good one, but it was poorly executed. Some of the pillows on the couches were torn, and the music that brought us in was drowned out by the neighboring restaurants’ stereo systems.

We went for a simple lunch. The menu offered burgers and sandwiches for around $10 to $15. The prices were understandably high because of the beachfront location, but this was better than some other places that offer meals for $20 or more. 

Yet after ordering the signature Rock Burger, which boasted an original sauce and a layer of onion rings, I found that my $10 were poorly spent. I can go to McDonald’s or Burger King to get a signature sauce and onion rings for less than $3, but what really jacked up the price of our meal were the drinks. Oversized beverages cost us more than $25 combined.

Another thing that frustrated me was that they barely offered anything that wasn’t alcoholic. There were no sodas on the menu, and when asked for a virgin alternative, they offered virgin daiquiris and pina coladas.  

The meal itself was enjoyable: oversized, but good. Yet I feel that overall everything there was way overpriced in comparison to what was actually provided.

The Rock Bar is located at 219 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale.